Stormwater Management

EPA’s stormwater regulations require a plan for public education and outreach, as well as good housekeeping practices. The complexity of the regulations, coupled with the need for interaction at all levels of government, encouraged NMCOG to play an active role in assisting its municipalities. NMCOG has adopted a more pointed focus on stormwater and is striving to increase the capacity of municipalities in complying with stormwater regulations. Stormwater management planning isn't new for our region, however, this is the first time communities have looked to address the issue in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.

NMCOG was awarded grant funding for two innovative regional stormwater initiatives which are designed to improve water quality and help municipalities comply with the EPA’s Phase II Stormwater Management Regulations:  

Restoring the Merrimack River by Connecting Communities through Stormwater Education

This project educated residents and decision-makers about the effects of stormwater on the Merrimack River and empowered them to improve and protect our waterways. Together with our partner, the Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC), NMCOG developed stormwater public messaging and created a "How-to Manual and Train-the-Trainer Guide" that outlines the steps for creating a stormwater education and outreach program. The project is funded through an EPA Urban Waters Small Grant. For more information and to download project materials, visit the project website: www.nmstormwater.org/urban-waters

Northern Middlesex Stormwater Collaborative (NMSC)

NMCOG has taken the lead in forming a regional stormwater collaborative to undertake many of the public education, procurement, management and administrative tasks necessary for managing stormwater. The intent of the collaborative is to solve stormwater problems in a way that reduces costs for local governments and taxpayers, and promotes regional communication and cooperation. This project is funded through a grant through the Executive Office for Administration and Finance’s Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) Grant Program. For more information please visit our stormwater collaborative website: www.nmstormwater.org/stormwater-collaborative.

For more information on NMCOG's stormwater management activities, contact Beverly Woods at 978-454-8021 or bwoods@nmcog.org.