Northern Middlesex Council of Governments

The Northern Middlesex Council of Governments (NMCOG) works with the communities of the Greater Lowell region to support and enhance a wide range of land use planning objectives. These include environmental protection, economic development, housing and residential development, transportation and transit planning, and the building and maintenance of community character. NMCOG provides technical assistance to member communities in designing, facilitating, and implementing community development programs and planning projects which further the interests of the region as a whole.

Contact: Beverly Woods, Executive Director:

Website: Northern Middlesex Council of Governments

Organizational Focus

  • Local Economy: Working on economic development initiatives, including a focus on housing plans.
  • Green Space or Open Space: Developing open space plans at the municipal scale, including green infrastructure, stormwater management, urban agriculture, and climate resilience projects.
  • Regional Planning: Planning support in towns across the Northern Middlesex region of Massachusetts.

Current Partnerships

  • Mill City Grows


  • Neighborhood and Community Groups
  • Municipal Organizations

Geographic Scale:



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