Energy Projects

The Northern Middlesex Council of Governments (NMCOG) and the Montachusett Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) were awarded grant funds from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce to develop a plan for the Siting of Renewable Energy Facilities in the Northern Middlesex and Montachusett regions.

Through this grant, NMCOG and MRPC worked with their local communities to address barriers to the siting process for renewable energy firms. The project included the formation of an energy advisory committee, community workshops and a renewable energy siting plan.

Energy Advisory Committee

The NMCOG Energy Advisory Committee formed in December 2012. This committee meets quarterly to oversee and advise the Renewable Energy Siting Grant, as well as other energy initiatives in the NMCOG region.

Community Workshops

NMCOG and MRPC hosted six community workshops as part of the EDA Renewable Energy Siting Grant focusing on specific topics:

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydropower
  • Renewable Energy in Historic Buildings
  • Renewable Energy in New Construction
  • Renewable Energy Incentives

Renewable Energy Siting Plan

The final plan identifies appropriate sites for renewable energy facilities, outlines a portfolio of energy resources, and an action plan for implementation. It outlines actions and measures that encourage the siting of renewable energy facilities within the NMCOG and MRPC communities, and includes an Assessment and Analysis of Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Geothermal Energy, Photovoltaics, Hydropower, Biomass and a Regional Renewable Energy Manufacturing Lands Inventory and Assessment.  

Please click below to download the plan's Solar or LEED and Manufacturing sections:

Solar Section
LEED and Manufacturing Section

For additional information contact Jay Donovan, Assistant Director, at (978) 454-8021 ext. 116 or

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