Public Participation

Public participation is an integral and vital part of the overall transportation planning process.  The information, viewpoints and perspectives provided through the public involvement process help guide decision makers and leads to a more meaningful and comprehensive planning process.  The goals of the public involvement plan are as follows:

  • Solicit and respect the viewpoints of all transportation constituents;
  • Provide multiple opportunities for public involvement that are open, meaningful and inclusive, and that consider needs for accessibility, scheduling, informational materials format and the language needs of those with limited English proficiency;
  • Provide a predictable process that is understandable with notification provided well in advance (30 days for the TIP, UPWP, and RTP; 45 days for the Public Participation Plan);
  • Periodically evaluate new tools for improving, update and refining the NMMPO’s existing public process; and;
  • Strive to increase public participation and improve outreach to minority, low-income, elderly, youth, and accessibility-challenged communities.

NMCOG and the NMMPO engage public participation by holding public meetings and by conducting targeted outreach to an identified list of stakeholders as a part of the transportation planning process. A copy of the Public Participation Plan is available here: 

Northern Middlesex Public Participation Plan (PDF) (html)