Congestion Management

Transportation Management Areas with populations over 200,000 are required to develop a Congestion Management Process. The purpose of the Northern Middlesex Congestion Management Process (CMP) is to:

  • Identify congested locations;

  • Determine the causes of congestion;

  • Develop alternative strategies to mitigate congestion;

  • Evaluate the potential of different mitigation strategies;

  • Propose alternative strategies that best address the causes and impacts of congestion; and

  • Track and evaluate the impact of previously implemented congestion management strategies.

The Northern Middlesex Congestion Management Process objectives are derived from the Northern Middlesex Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) goal of developing a balanced multi-modal, cost-effective, transportation system connecting points inside and outside the Northern Middlesex region.

The Northern Middlesex CMP is intended to be an integral part of the metropolitan planning process. Toward this end, NMCOG staff engages in data collection, prepares corridor studies, conducts travel time analysis, and analyzes transit data. NMCOG provides a system report updated in the Regional Transportation Plan.