Transportation Improvement Program

Federal regulations require that all transportation projects receiving federal funding be listed in the region’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) document. The TIP covers a multi-year time frame and must be fiscally constrained based on anticipated available financial resources.

What is a TIP?

The Northern Middlesex Transportation Improvement Program, or "TIP", is a five‐year work program that lists all regionally‐significant and federally funded transportation projects and services in the Northern Middlesex MPO planning area.  This includes highway and street projects, public transit projects, as well as bicycle and pedestrian projects that are implemented by MassDOT, local governments, or the LRTA. All projects included in the TIP must be consistent with, or selected from the adopted Regional Transportation Plan. Additionally, the TIP must be fiscally constrained by federal appropriations or estimated revenues.

Links to current TIP documents and adjustments/amendments are provided below:

The NMMPO holds meetings throughout the year to carry out the transportation planning process.  As part of the public outreach process, the NMMPO maintains an email distribution list for interested parties to be informed of upcoming MPO related events and publications.  To sign up for the NMMPO email distribution list, contact Justin Howard at

Previous TIP Documents:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a federally-mandated, prioritized listing of highway, bridge, intermodal, and transit investments expected to be undertaken during the next five federal fiscal years: FFY 2019 through FFY 2023. The document is a compilation of local, regional and state transportation priorities that will be implemented with funding provided by FHWA and FTA, along with investments that impact air quality regardless of the type of funding. The STIP must be financially-constrained to the federal amounts allocated to Massachusetts. The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) can be found by clicking here: 2020-2024 STIP.

One of the requirements for MPO's outlined in the FAST Act, is the continued reporting of a list of projects that have received Federal funding as a way to monitor project delivery.  The Annual list of obligated projects includes the most recent Federal Fiscal Year 2018 (October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018) and has been compiled through cooperation between the Northern Middlesex MPO and state and regional public transportation providers. Obligation is defined as the Federal government’s legal commitment to pay the Federal share of a project’s cost. An obligated project is one that has been authorized by the federal agency and funds have been obligated. Projects for which funds have been obligated are not necessarily initiated or completed in the program year, and the amount of the obligation will not necessarily equal the total cost of the project. The most recent obligation report can be found here: FFY 2019 Annual List of Obligated Funds.