Regional Transportation Plan

Welcome to the Northern Middlesex Regional Transportation Plan update page for 2020. This update has been put together by the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments in an effort to provide information to the public and local officials regarding the Regional Transportation Plan for 2040. 

The Regional Transportation Plan identifies and analyzes transportation infrastructure and service improvement needs in the Northern Middlesex region. Covering a 20-year planning horizon, the plan includes strategies for developing an integrated multi-modal transportation network including pedestrian, biking and motorized travel. The RTP is updated every four years, in accordance with federal requirements.  The updated plan identifies existing and projected transportation needs and guides the prioritization of federal transportation investments. The RTP helps to determines how Federal and State funding will be spent on transportation infrastructure and services in the region.

June 26, 2019 NMMPO Meeting: Draft Regional Transportation Plan Presentation

At its July 24, 2019, NMMPO meeting, members voted to endorse the FFY 2020-2040 Regional Transportation Plan.  The Plan became effective on October 1, 2019.

Endorsed Chapters of the FFY 2020-2040 Regional Transportation Plan are available:

Full Document (~ 20mb file size without appendices)PDF
Executive SummaryPDF
Executive Summary - ChinesePDF
Executive Summary - SpanishPDF
Executive Summary - PortuguesePDF
Executive Summary - KhmerPDF
Executive Summary - VietnamesePDF
Chapter 1: IntroductionPDF
Chapter 2: Public ParticipationPDF
Chapter 3: Transportation Planning ProcessPDF
Chapter 4: Regional Profile and DemographicsPDF
Chapter 5: Regional Highway Network - InfrastructurePDF
Chapter 6: Regional Transit SystemPDF
Chapter 7: Active Transportation NetworkPDF
Chapter 8: ITSPDF
Chapter 9: Transportation Safety and SecurityPDF
Chapter 10: Congestion and System ReliabilityPDF
Chapter 11: Freight MovementPDF
Chapter 12: Economic Development and OpportunityPDF
Chapter 13: Environmental SustainabilityPDF
Chapter 14: Transportation Equity and AccessibilityPDF
Chapter 15: Plan Recommendations and Fiscal ConstraintPDF
Appendices (full)PDF

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