Food System Maps

The Food System Maps allow organizations working towards food security in Lowell to better understand each other’s needs, resources, and connections. Each of the maps build off of the hard work done by the Coalition: a strong group of diverse organizations has been built, an understanding of the food security landscape has been assessed, and a shared sense of objectives have been established. Any member of the Coalition can create new points on the existing maps as well as make entirely new maps as Lowell’s food system evolves. Metabolic Consulting created the Mapping Tool for the Lowell Food Security Coalition.

The Mapping Tool has been developed for use by members of the Lowell Food Security Coalition in order to visualize network connections and community level resources throughout the local food system. The Tool helps you view and find potential collaborators across Lowell, to assess where these collaborations will be particularly useful, and to be able to update the landscape of the Tool as you improve the food security landscape of the city. Please explore the potential uses of the Tool and use it to connect more deeply around shared goals in creating a more food secure Lowell.

LFSC Mapping Tool

Created by Metabolic Consulting