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Welcome to the Chelmsford Master Plan Website.  This site has been put together by the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments in an effort to provide information to the public and local officials regarding the plan update.

What is the project?


     The Town of Chelmsford has entered into agreement with the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments to ascertain services for a 2009 Master Plan Update.
     The master plan is intended to serve as a guide for Town development over the next 10 years or longer.  It establishes goals and policies for the community and makes recommendations aimed at accomplishing these goals and policies in the areas of land use, housing, economic development, natural and cultural resources, open space and recreation, and transportation.





Please check back here often for updates as the process continues...

Public Meetings:

September 16, 2010: Public Input of Draft Document Meeting

March 24, 2009: 2020 Vision Quest

May 6, 2009: Business Community    Session

June 3, 2009: Economic Development Session
September 17, 2009: Transportation, Infrastructure, Services and Facilities

October 7, 2009: Natural Resources


Plan Documents (Updated 9/30/10):


Executive Summary

I.    Letter to Residents

II.   Introduction and Overview
III.   Land Use and Zoning
IV.  Economic Development

V.   Transportation and Circulation

VI.  Housing

VII. Open Space and Recreation

VIII. Natural, Historical, Cultural Resources
IX.   Facilities and Services
X.    Implementation Plan


Chelmsford Master Plan Associated Maps




Chelmsford Master Plan Visioning Session Presentation


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